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No other pallet shuttle and storage system on the market is as flexible and efficient as the iCube

iCube Netherlands 2017

Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS)

The iCube is an intelligent logistics solution completely built out of standard components. Because of this extensive standardization, it is now possible to offer the latest generation of the iCube completely ready for use and turnkey, from the best price on the market.

In each project, a client specific solution is developed using the available standard components. This has resulted in a greatly reduced throughput time for installation and implementation, and as a result the last installation was delivered 6 times faster than the first one!

Using an iCube system means getting the absolute most out of the available storage space, without needing space for operating a forklift between rows. The movements of pallets are done completely automated using 3d-Carriers and vertical Transport Lifts.

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Flexible and Scalable

A big problem with automated storage systems is the lack of flexibility and scalability. The logistic indicators of today can be completely superseded the next year. Due to the modular structure of the iCube we are able to keep up with these developments much better. 

The control system of the iCube is unique. The iCube is controlled by its own Warehouse Control System (WCS), developed by WICS, through which the different PLC's are controlled. The program in the PLC's has been kept as simple as possible, whereby the logistic complexity is mostly controlled by the WICS WCS. The WICS WCS is completely configurable, making it relatively simple to execute logistic changes.


Obviously, it is possible to connect the existing WMS / ERP system with the WCS of the iCube by making an interface between both of the software packages. Only when the WCS is also integrated with the WICS Warehouse Management System (WMS), it opens up a world of logistical and automation possibilities. This way extra logistical efficiency will be achieved such as:

  • Precise pallet tracking
  • Automated replenishment capabilities
  • Easy batch picking
  • Accurate stock management and inventory tracking

 The simplicity of managing the iCube provides that the system is being implemented in multiple foreign countries.

Impressions iCube Maasdijk

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Animations iCube

iCube automated sorting simulation

iCube simulation for fruit storage

A joint effort

iCube customers benefit from the know-how and experience of WICS together with its iCube partners:

Logiqs B.V.

Logiqs B.V. from Maasdijk, The Netherlands is the producer of the 3d-Carrier and VT(vertical transporters) user in the iCube pallet system

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Storax Ramada Group from Portugal, is the producer of the storage racks, the backbone of an iCube Pallet system.

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HAMAG is a professional organization active since 1994 in the world of Warehouse Equipment and archive facilities.

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