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WICS is suitable for all your current logistics challenges as well as the innovations that will follow in the future.


Het WICS WMS is an advanced, flexible and user-friendly Warehouse Management System (WMS). For fast growing web stores and small e-Fulfilment companies, we suggest the WELPP Warehouse software (read more here).

The WICS WMS provides you with a real-time overview of all logistic processes. Also, it will increase your logistics performance and allows you to offer better quality services to your customers. The WICS software distinguishes itself by its high level of flexibility and scalability.

Customer/supplier agreements regarding goods, product arrivals, storage and order picking are all registered in the system real-time allowing for full control over the flow of goods and information. Since the software is modular, it is possible to add and activate modules after the initial implementation, such as the return module, which reduces return costs.

The WMS not only provides you with a complete overview of your logistics processes; it also offers functionalities such as RF barcode scanning / Voice Picking, allowing fork lift drivers and logistics staff to execute their tasks in a fast, efficient and accurate manner.

With intelligent logistics solutions, such as:

  • Accurate stock management (connected to your ERP package)
  • API and other interface possibilities
  • Plugin for webshop software such as Magento 1 / 2, Lightspeed (SEOshop), WooCommerce, Shopify and MyOnlineStore
  • Customs Module
  • Order picking techniques, like wave- and batch picking
  • (Automatic) Replenishment pick and bulk locations
  • Value Added Logistics (VAL) & Value Added Services (VAS)
  • Stock inventorying with cycle counting
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Tool for KPI's
  • Integrated packing table with shipping module
  • Web based Portal for clients
  • Returns (RMA)
  • Creating every possible report with the Dynamic Report Module
Warehouse Management Systeem
Scanner warehouse

Flexible WMS

The software can be used in multi-company and in multi-warehouse settings, and is also available in several languages. When setting up the WMS, the entire logistic process becomes transparent and manageable. Depending on your activities, you manage FIFO, FEFO, LIFO, batch numbers and/or serial numbers. The WMS supports all of these picking policies and data, which can be set per client, per article or per group of articles.

These days, clients which are using third party logistics providers, are demanding continuous insights in their products. With the WICS web based Portal, you will be able to offer your clients real-time information about their inbounds, orders, stock, shipments and more. The portal will automatically be split for each of your clients.

With the intelligent and user-friendly software as well as more than 25 years of experience, WICS and its consultants will guide you to a more efficient and transparent business. Want to know more? Contact us here.

With our Multichannel engine, stores can be fully integrated into the distribution strategy.

WICS Multichannel software

After the major shift where customers bought in fysical shops to online ordering, there is a new shift coming. Most web shops send their goods from their warehouse. In the warehouse the stock is kept and the goods will be picked, packed and shipped. With the WICS Multichannel solution the stock expands with all the deliverable sources.

The web order will be allocated to the optimal source to (partly) deliver the order. The optimal source can be a store or a warehouse, or even both. When a store delivers an order, this is called "Ship from Store". All of this manageable directly from the cloud, with the smart WICS Multichannel engine running in the background.

The participating sources, for example stores, will have an organized and clear overview of the orders that are available for them. The back office will have a complete dashboard with the availability to configure all of the variables within the Multichannel / Omnichannel Strategy.





Self-learning algorithms

By working in close cooperation with a number of customers we devised an intelligent solution so that stores can efficiently prepare online orders for delivery. Using self-learning algorithms our multichannel engine determines the most efficient distribution of orders between partner stores and the distribution centre.

The inventory data is shared in real-time or in batches between stores, distribution centres and the web shop. The is also the possibility to allow orders with multiple rules to be delivered from a choice of stores as well as to allow the end-client to choose the desired store for order pick-up.

Our multichannel software solutions can be used in distribution chains using proprietary stores, franchise stores or even completely independent stores, provided that the inventory data can be accessed automatically.

Every conceivable multichannel strategy can be configured and adjusted to respond quickly to the changing market conditions.

Multichannel Back-office

  • Manage the distribution strategy
  • Manage the online catalogue
  • Shop Ranking
  • Safety Stocks
  • Manage distribution of margins
  • Order dashboard
  • RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) dashboard

Multichannel Store

  • Manage the online catalogue
  • Deliver orders directly from the store
  • Order pick-ups from the store
  • Store to store replenishment
  • User-friendly control using a PC or smartphone
  • Integrated check-out system
  • Store inventory replenishment

Order Management

Get a instant overview of all incoming orders, directly on your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Inventory Management

With the WICS App you will be able to track your inventory easily and real-time straight from the WICS App!

Filtered views

The app is designed to be user friendly, and has extensive filtering options. This will help the user to quickly find the desired result, even in very complex systems.



Manage RMA's (Return Management Authorizations) real-time directly from the WICS App!

Inventory replenishment

Another advantage of having real-time Inventory Management is being able to manage the replenishment process better.

Secure Environment

WICS and its employees pays a lot of attention to the data security of their clients and uses a highly secure data infrastructure.

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What clients say about WICS

  • Jan Meuleman, Logistics Manager at Verhoek Europe:

    “The WMS ensures our handling speed and the accuracy of delivery. With the WICS Warehouse Management System we can control our processes as well."
  • Michiel van de Plassche, CEO / Founder of CustomConcepts:

    “The hands-on mentality of the WICS employees, the flexibility and the rapid integration were for us the crucial reasons to choose for WICS."
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