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New WICS iCube project for Raporal in Portugal

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WICS is building a new iCube in collaboration with her partners Strorax - Ramada and Loqics for internationally renowned meat processer Raporal S.A. from Portugal. WICS will be responsible for the software.

About Raporal

Raporal is one of the biggest names in the Portuguese Meat processing industry and has more than 40 years experience. Because of their commitment towards sustainability and innovation, Raporal choose the iCUBE when they it came time to build a brand new refrigerated storage warehouse.


The iCUBE system will have a total capacity of 2300 pallets spread out over five levels and will be operating at an average temperature of -25°C. The full automation of this iCUBE will be made possible using just two 3D-Carriers and one VT (Vertical Transporter) for transfers between levels.

Temperature resistance

All of the equipment used in this iCUBE is specifically designed to function under the harsh conditions of the cool cell, and the 3D-Carriers used specialized Li-ion batteries that still have high efficiently at very low temperatures. The batteries of the 3D-carriers are recharged at -25°C (opportunity charging) on the moments that the system is unused. The only time when 3D-carriers are taken away from its place is for big maintenance.


By using the industry leading WMS (Warehouse Management System) provided by WICS Logistics, the system will be run fully automatic and will be directly linked with the customers ERP system. The boxes are stacked on pallets by a robot, which are send to the iCube by a wrapper. This ingoing flow is controlled by the WICS WMS.

Watch the iCube below and read more on the product page.


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