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WICS - Warehouse Management System - magazijn


Our most recent software product is WICS WELPP. It also concerns a smart and user-friendly warehouse management system developed by our own developers. WICS WELPP is extremely suitable for companies and organizations that are taking the first steps towards further automation of their logistics processes. WICS WELPP is particularly suitable for smaller organizations that have their own stock management and that are taking the step towards automating their logistics processes.

WICS WELPP is especially useful for those companies that are focused on growth. WICS WELPP is like no other suitable for growing along with the logistics organization. WICS WELPP has extensive functionalities that form a wonderful basis for automating warehouses and logistics facilities. If in time your own organization gradually grows and the automation has to adapt to this, then the switch to the extensive WICS WMS is a natural next step. The advantage is that you are already used to working with WICS, which means that the implementation to WICS WMS can be easily set up.

Our solutions are applicable in every industry, our people think from your logistics approach

WICS - Warehouse Management System - E-commerce retail
WICS - Warehouse Management System - Maatwerkgericht retail
WICS - Warehouse Management System - E-Fullfillment retail
WICS - Warehouse Management System - Hybride

WICS people are experienced, think from the perspective of your logistics processes and use tools that fully automate and optimize your organization.

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A WMS is never ‘completely developed’. The market changes, the company changes and the WMS changes with it. We therefore stay together with our customers looking for innovative logistics solutions.

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Een WMS is nooit ‘uitontwikkeld’. De markt verandert, het bedrijf verandert en het WMS verandert mee. We blijven dan ook samen met onze klanten op zoek naar innovatieve logistieke oplossingen.

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