WICS WMS is the most comprehensive modular software solution

WICS - Warehouse Management System - Dynamisch WMS


Our showpiece is WICS WMS. It concerns our own developed smart and user-friendly warehouse management system. WICS WMS is extremely suitable for extensive logistics organizations with their own stock and warehouses. WICS WMS is a modular software solution. It is possible to link or integrate company-specific requirements with other systems. We convert every question, from simple to complex, into a ready-made and, above all, efficient use of our software.

Logistical Process Links

For example, we easily link with various ERP systems when it comes to stock management. Collaboration with order picking techniques such as wave and batch picking is also possible. You can see other options below. As you can see, WICS WMS offers a wide range of efficient options. With our own developed WICS web portal you have your own online customer portal available. The web portal can be used by your customers to enter pre-announcements and orders. This gives you an extra option to bind your customers and to provide continuous insight into the status of customer orders.

Some intelligent logistics solutions:

Order Management
Get a live overview of all incoming orders, directly & anywhere in the world on your smartphone.

Inventory management
Check all stock statuses of each item easily and in real time directly from the WICS App!

Filtered Views
The app is designed to be user-friendly and has extensive filtering options, so that the users can quickly find the desired result, even in extremely complex systems.

WICS - Warehouse Management System - Multichannel

Manage RMAs (Returns) real-time and directly from the WICS App for optimal processing!

Real-time stock management also makes it easier to manage the replenishment process (replenishment).

Secure Environment
WICS pays a lot of attention to the data security of its clients, and uses a well-secured data infrastructure.

The renewed WICS Warehouse Management System

Our solutions are applicable in every industry, our people think from your logistics approach

WICS - Warehouse Management System - E-commerce retail
WICS - Warehouse Management System - Maatwerkgericht retail
WICS - Warehouse Management System - E-Fullfillment retail
WICS - Warehouse Management System - Hybride

WICS people are experienced, think from the perspective of your logistics processes and use tools that fully automate and optimize your organization.

Proud to work for

A WMS is never ‘completely developed’. The market changes, the company changes and the WMS changes with it. We therefore stay together with our customers looking for innovative logistics solutions.

Proud to work for

A WMS is never ‘completely developed’. The market changes, the company changes and the WMS changes with it. We therefore continue to look for innovative logistics solutions together with our customers.
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