Logique B.V. LIVE within 2 weeks with the WICS WMS

The implementation of a WMS can be fast. Read here how Logique is now completely ready for the future.

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Logique is a young company where human capital comes first. Growing and developing people is in our DNA, which means that our company is growing enormously. With a parcel service specialized in foreign formats, we drive daily throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

After we were asked by one of our clients whether we could also trade packages in foreign formats, we started working on this. These packages do not easily fit into a standard process and in principle this also applies to storage and transhipment. Because we invest enormously in our people, we can put the right people in the right place. The demand for our services is increasing to such an extent that we have also decided to invest in a flexible WMS that will grow with us.

Record implementation

We came into contact with WICS through our TMS supplier Mendrix. The WMS had to be easy to link with our TMS package. In addition, it was also important that the WMS is scalable and can handle packages in foreign formats. After getting acquainted with WICS, it was clear that their WMS matched our requirements and wishes very well.

Logique went LIVE with the WICS Warehouse Management System in a record time of 2 weeks. Both parties have worked hard for this, with results! We are incredibly happy with the help and support we have received from WICS. WICS contributed both process-based and pragmatic ideas to really be able to go LIVE within this short period of time. This is one of the advantages of WICS. In addition to the WMS, you also get a whole lot of experience. As the slogan also says; ‘more than logistics software’.

Ready for the future

Our clients can now outsource the entire logistics process to us without another party intervening. Short lines, clear and fast communication! This gives the client the feeling that they are in control of this very important process. WICS is currently working to further expand the customer portal, so that our clients have even more insight.

We are extremely proud that our services speak for themselves. We have just started and new clients know where to find us without advertising. We look forward to implementing all of these with great enthusiasm.